Yves Laroche Gallery

Sorry for my lonnnnnnnnnng absence from posting. Other than having some difficulty with this theme, I had immersed myself into my daytime job thus shifting my focus away from this blog.

But now I will try to get back on track. And my first post will be my experience going to Montreal, Quebec to the opening night of ÉGRÉGORE – THE ZENITH OF POP SURREALISM.

This show consists of approximately 50 Pop-Surrealist, Lowbrow, contemporary artists, some who I have posted about here. Most are from the United States but some local Montreal artists are included as well.

I arrived around 7pm to the gallery which was already buzzing with people, inside and out. As I made my way around I made a point of taking my time reviewing each of the pieces I found the most intriguing. Although I would say most pieces made me feel that way, there were a few that were just mesmerizing. Then for some, I wanted to get really close to view the detail. These are posted below. For all the remaining photos, you can go to the following links to see the work or hey, why not just go to the Gallery. The show is on till December 20, 2014.

For each piece (photographed by the gallery) with the description, click here.

For the items that sold along with their price, click here.

For photographs of the gallery attendees at the opening night, click here.

Ron English

Ron English’s “Sea Monkey Aftermath” which sold for $25,000. It was the highest priced piece.

Chris Mars

Chris Mars’ “Cesium Sunset Hero” which I returned to several times due to it’s complexity. Stunning to see up close!


Shag’s “Of Three Minds” is absolutely awesome. I envy the person who could afford to purchase this. At first glance you think this was done in Illustrator due to the crisp and straight lines. But when you get up close to the piece you actually do see paint on the surface. Man oh Man this guy has a steady hand indeed.

And this is me (on the right), chatting to one of the Gallery staff.