Practicing in Painter 12

While I was off for 7 weeks, I finally had some time to dabble in Corel Painter using my Cintiq tablet. It definitely takes some adjusting drawing on the computer vs pen/paper and after spending many hours doing so, I have a new respect for those digital artists. But I do like it and now need to just practice, practice, practice. Will post more as I complete projects.

This particular project was from a magazine called “Fantasy Art”. Volume 01, which unfortunately is no longer in publication that I can see. However, I’m sure there are other mags similar to this one which focussed on tutorials in Painter and Photoshop. Anyway, this article was a tutorial on painting eyes in Painter. I drew the face then just followed the instructions for how to paint the eyes. The rest was up to me to finish. I know she looks a little flat and stiff but for my first “complete” Painter pic, I’m proud of it.