Starbucks, 2010, at the King and Yonge St., Toronto location.

The theme was, of course, coffee. I had previously shown my florals but wanted to do something different and specific to the location.

At first my idea was to create funny images using certain characters or sayings (hence, Iron Bean) but apply them to coffee beans. However, time was running out. While I was shooting the beans I also shot a coffee mug. In post I then started to look at the coffee mug in a different way thus producing the images below. It was really fun seeing what can develop from a simple shape and from just one image. Although I’ve snuck in a bean mosaic, the majority relate to the mug.

The first image is the mug shot…no pun intended!

The Mug


Butterfly Wings



Mug Wheel

Mug Wallpaper 01

Mug Wallpaper 02

Mug Handle