High Park Sparrow

While on my September vacation, I usually try to spend some time in High Park. During the week it’s usually quiet with retired folk, stay at home Mom’s and dog walkers. All the kids are back to school and the weather is pleasant. Of course I bring along my camera. I stop at the Grenadier Cafe for a coffee and usually a nibble. All the birds are smart as they constantly flutter about picking up crumbs fallen from the tables. But some are so bold now they have no fear and come right on the table.

I don’t mind. I love birds. Most of the photos I shot were not entirely in focus as these birds do move around a lot checking their surroundings for any threat but luckily I captured this little guy staring right at me. I wish I used a higher aperature setting so I could have captured his eyes and beak in focus. But I always like blurring the background so it’s a tad tricky to combine both. A work in progress I shall say.

Nikon D300s
1/640, f8, ISO 2500
Sigma 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 – focal length for this image was 195mm