Goose Eye

One fine day in September 2011, I ventured out to High Park. My favourite place for a taste of city wildlife. As usual, by Grenadier pond, there were a number of Canadian Geese just milling about. Some sat quietly napping while others were working diligently on preening themselves.

I sat down beside them, not too far away and they didn’t seem to mind. Using my Sigma zoom lens, I wanted to get up close to this particular goose. He stayed still long enough for me to capture his eye without too much blur. I used my flash which helped. I’m not a huge fan of using flash, especially outdoors because it just washes out the natural colours but in this case, it helped.

Nikon D300s
1/800, f6.3, ISO 1000
Sigma 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6