Ale Giorgini – Illustrator

I went to the CNE this year with only one intention. To see The Big Bang Theory art exhibition. It was a struggle to get there, the weather was super hot and humid but I made it. Amongst all the wonderful artwork, I am showcasing the ones that I thought stood out the most. Today I am beginning with Ale Giorgini’s piece.

Ale provided a stylized illustration of the cast members from The Big Bang Theory. Warner Bros. commissioned this for a celebration of the show. I am guessing this was the whole purpose behind the travelling exhibition.

I wandered to his site and found not just the illustration but his initial pencil sketch. Interesting though that his pencil sketch shows Sheldon’s hand demonstrating the Vulcan’ salute. But the final print on display does not. Must have been some copyright issue there. Another oddity is Ale’s signature is also missing from the displayed print.

You can check out more of his work at his website but this link takes you directly to the BBT page.