Welcome to The Quirky Pixel. This is a blog maintained by a lover of art that is non-mainstream. No boring landscapes here! Below you will see four categories. Take a look around, but if you only have time for one category, do venture into the Inspirations section. There you will find the most interesting artists.


The Doodles section are posts of my own creations. Some have stories and others are just doodles for the sake of doodling.

The Inspirations section are short and sweet posts with a brief description of the artist. They are selected because of their exceptional technique and/or subject matter and the fact their work is not mainstream. It can be labelled as Lowbrow, Pop Surrealism, underground or new contemporary art.

The Photography section showcases my own photography. Basically photos that I wouldn’t classify as Fine Art or Stock but thought were interesting enough to share.

The Free Stuff section has wallpapers sized for your Desktop, iPhone or iPad.